Why Should I use Foxy Kleen?

At Foxy Kleen™ we have done our best to try and blend the optimum amount of each ingredient in our products to help protect you from germs and bacteria that you could come in contact with from fitness equipment. We know that athletes demand a lot out of themselves and their bodies. Defend yourself against these contaminates that could be present on shared gym equipment. Take that extra step in your workout to make sure your equipment is not just clean, it’s Foxy Kleen™.

Why does Foxy Kleen™ smell so good?

We believe that fitness equipment should not only be clean from bodily fluids, unpleasant odors, bacteria and harsh chemicals but also smell great! That’s why at Foxy Kleen™ we have perfected scents that enhance your workout instead of take away from it. We want you to concentrate on what makes you great and not on the unpleasant odors in the gym. Once you smell our product you will wonder how you ever worked out without it.

How does Foxy Kleen™ work?

Foxy Kleen™ is easy to use. Just spray Foxy Kleen™ on the piece of fitness equipment and wipe off with a microfiber cloth. You will immediately notice the pleasant aroma of Foxy Kleen™ and will feel the difference in your equipment the second you wipe clean.

Is Foxy Kleen™ safe for my skin?

We realize that you will be touching equipment that has been cleaned with Foxy Kleen™. The only effect you should notice on your skin is that you may smell better at the end of your workout. Of course we do realize that everyone’s skin is different so if you do notice a change please discontinue use.

Why is the Foxy Kleen™ bottle clear?

Who wants added ingredients in a cleaner that don’t need to be there, especially while working out? That is exactly why we use a clear bottle and let you see everything inside Foxy Kleen™. We want you to be able to see everyhing that’s not there and feel good about what is touching your body and what you are using to clean your fitness equipment.

 How do we choose our scents?

We personally choose each of our special scents to stimulate your senses and to mask the unpleasant odors that gyms typically have. Each scent also goes through rounds of testing in different gym environments to make sure we get each scent perfect for you. We want you to have fun and enjoy your workout and that is why we make each scented bottle of Foxy Kleen™ with a little bit of love and mix it with some sassy. You deserve to get as much pleasure as possible out of your workout. You deserve Foxy Kleen™.

What is the return policy on Foxy Kleen™ ?

Because Foxy Kleen™ is a personal use product and contains a liquid substance that could be altered by the purchaser upon arrival at their home we do not offer any refund on the product. Trust us though you will not even think about this policy as you will be very happy with your purchase.

Why can I only ship Foxy Kleenstandard ground mail?

Foxy Kleen™ contains hospital grade isopropyl alcohol which is only allowed to be shipped ground mail according to the regulations of the postal service. Please plan accordingly when ordering your next shipment of Foxy Kleen™ before the one you have runs out.


Warning: What Not To Do

Foxy Kleen™ it is not recommended as a cleaner for your body or eyes. This product is for external use only and is recommended for gym equipment and surfaces.

Foxy Kleen™ is not for consumption. We know it smells great, but please refrain from drinking it.


Because many of our fragrances can be mistaken for candy, it is recommended that Foxy Kleen™ stay out of reach of any child.

If you or a child do accidentally consume some Foxy Kleen™ or get any in your eyes, please contact your closest poison control center immediately.

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